Welcome to God’s Food Pantry in Somerset Kentucky!

SONY DSCThis website is to help you keep informed about the Mission of God’s Food Pantry. We want this  web site to provide you  with the basic information about God’s Food Pantry as well as all current and future plans.  We want to keep our public informed about any and all events that are sponsored by God’s Food Pantry with the understanding; everything  we do is to raise money or food to help feed the people in need in Somerset and Pulaski County.

God’s Food Pantry’s Mission: Feed the hungry people of Pulaski County! There are a lot of families hurting in our community! Our mission is to help those people out until they can become self supportive.

Since 1978, God’s Food Pantry in Somerset, Kentucky has been helping to provide food for the hungry in our community. In the first year, (1978) the Pantry served around 2,000 clients and last year, (2012) the Pantry served over 16,000 clients.

The number of families needing help in our community continues to grow, and therefore, there is an ever growing need for food, donations, thoughts and prayers.

We need you! Can we count on you to help? We want to serve the people in our community that have fallen on hard times.

Make donations to:
God’s Food Pantry
119 South Central Avenue
P.O. Box #259
Somerset, Kentucky 42501

( We accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and most other methods of payment)

Interested in seeing if you qualify for assistance?